Protect Your Equipment. Maintain Your Image. Control Your Costs.
At Dubbels Truck Wash we can provide on-going fleet washing services to large and small transport carriers.

Truck and trailer washing is just part of the job when you operate a transport company. Whether you’re a regional carrier, over-the-road hauler, or local delivery company, controlling road grime is an everyday battle. At Dubbels Truck Wash in southeastern Minnesota we make it easy to remove the grime and control your truck washing costs at the same time.

A Clean Truck Does More Than Shine.

It helps maintain your image as a respectable freight hauling company; put your "rolling billboard" to good use by keeping it clean. Continually removing grime – mud, oil, grease, road salt, and more – is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your trucks and trailers from showing early signs of deterioration. A clean truck can also help with driver retention, and a good driver is a benefit to everyone.

Affordable Wash Solutions

At Dubbels Truck Wash our Fleet Washing Services allow you to control wash expenses just like any other overhead cost. With washing solutions to meet any sized fleet, we are confident we can accommodate your needs. Contact us to learn more about our fleet washing services and to setup an account.