Timely Heavy Truck Washing… Get a Complete Semi-Truck Wash in 20-25 Minutes

At Dubbels Truck Wash we know that your rig is a reflection of yourself and your company, so a proper and timely wash is a must. Fortunately we maintain an easy-access location in Randolph, Minnesota that offers a large wash bay, exceptional washing services, an oversized truck yard, and is open to serve you six days a week.

Dedicated to providing the very best in washing services, we offer…

Full-Service Washing

When we say full-service, we mean it. At Dubbels Truck Wash our experienced team can quickly wash all areas of your semi-tractor’s exterior. From the tips of your stacks to the underside of your tanks, our thorough soap scrub followed by a fresh water rinse will remove the dirt, salt, bugs, and muck that you’ve been hauling around.

Based in Minnesota, where road salt reigns supreme nearly six months a year, we also make it a point to give your tractor’s undercarriage a good washing.

Environmentally Friendly Services

All of our washing services are performed by professionals to ensure proper environmental control of our wash solutions and waste water. Your equipment will either be washed inside our facility or on our designated outdoor washing platform to prevent ground contamination. At Dubbels Truck Wash we strive to meet all EPA and MPCA requirements for properly handling and disposing of wash chemicals, waste water and other contaminates.

The Best Wash Products

We rely on industry proven wash solutions and products to ensure that your rig will do more than just shine, its paint and finish will also be protected from harm. At Dubbels Truck Wash we use light soaps, harsher acids (when necessary), and wax protectants as needed to provide the best clean possible for your specific equipment.

Driver’s Lounge

With such a short wait time, just 20-25 minutes, there’s no need to leave… just grab a seat in our driver’s lounge. Setup for your convenience, our driver’s / trucker’s lounge features beverage and snack machines, a modern TV, clean restroom facilities, and comfortable seating.